Love your planet!

See It To Believe It!

It was celebration time… an evening full of fun, food n frolic awaited me, at the block party! I was holidaying at my sister’s place in California.

The party was to start, with a water balloon fight at 3:00 pm. Being in a foreign land, I had my apprehensions… which soon faded away, and I started  to enjoy it thoroughly! Only plain, clean water was used…

What followed, just bowled me over. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…

Yes my dear friends – back home, I’ve been a part of, a number of community water balloon fights during the festival “Holi”.The residual waste, chemical colors and color stains, left on my front door, roads or on the lawns, of the places where we celebrated Holi, were always “cherished memories”… which kept reminding me of the “Holi” celebrations, at least for the next six months to follow!  And of course, the bits of balloons and plastic waste, kept floating in the neighborhood for a couple of weeks, only to reach some water body – in due course… Never did it dawn to me, that these tiny bits of plastic from the balloons could cause an environmental hazard and kill a number of creatures in our ecosystem!

In the above neighborhood, the minute the water balloon fight session was over, people automatically started getting their own brooms from their garage and started cleaning the tiny bits of balloons lying on the road – which I actually thought was looking very pretty like colorful, bright tinsels! Every one – including the five year old’s and the fifty plus – all contributed in the cleaning process, voluntarily… They cleaned the whole place totally, before heading to the potluck party.

It is but natural for the young ones to ape the adults…so learning begins early in life, very naturally as they see their parents – especially fathers help in the cleaning process at home and neighborhood.

It was a great, thought provoking learning experience for me! Felt compelled to share with all out here. We, as literate people, can definitely be the trend setters! So let “keeping our neighborhood clean” be our priority! Love your city – love your planet! Show that you care…

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