“Come back! Come back!” he cried in grief…

Parenting Pleasures

For Wednesday RDP – COMEBACK

For, sore dismay’d through storm and shade,

His child he did discover: —

One lovely hand she stretch’d for aid,

And one was round her lover.

“Come back! Come back!” he cried in grief

“Across this stormy water:

And I’ll forgive your highland chief,

My daughter! – 0 my daughter!”

The above is an excerpt from the poem  – Lord Ullin’s Daughter by Thomas Campbell.

The sentiments and plight of the parents continue to remain the same over centuries… It’s just the initial spurt of anger, over the absurd, illogical decisions of the younger generation, often arising out of total concern, of the well being of their child! Of course, exceptions are there in all cases.

Children fail to understand the concern of the parents, mainly due to lack of clarity of thoughts in their youth, wrong peer pressure and hormonal rush –  “fight or flight” hormone.

Above is just an illustration. There are many other pretexts, children use to walk out of their homes. There are millions of parents on our planet today, battling life by themselves, hoping their child will come back to them someday! After all the world revolves around “hope”. My heart reaches out to these parents who are awaiting the return of their child!

A child is always a child to the parent, till their last breath… 

PS – Never knew that a single word – “Comeback” can trigger such deep emotions and have so much depth to it.

Have a great day!


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