Down the memory lane…

Dutch goes the photo! – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday

IMG-2387 2

This tasty n pretty cake was gifted by my daughter to her dad, on his birthday this year ❤

For me ‘birthdays have always been a trip down the memory lane, be it anybody’s  birthday in the family. It brings back the memories of all the cherished moments that we have spent as a family. It also reminds me of all the milestones that my kids have achieved, each year, in  their lives…

But this cake stirred different emotions in me. It reminded me of the ‘first steps’ my daughter took on her first birthday – of course,  there was no stopping after that! And of all the birthday cakes I would plan each year for her, struggling to be more innovative each time, in an attempt to surprise her and to make her happy.

But now roles have reversed! My little one is not so little any more… She’s grown up n independent and has started planning n buying exotic cakes for us every year. Even if she is not around, the cake will still reach us! We are truly blessed I must say ❤❤❤

Though it’s not anyone’s birthday at home today , this challenge has taken me on a trip down the memory lane once again!

Happy memories!


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  1. What a lovely cake. Like you, my son’s getting older now and I’m seeing some of the things coming full circle with us. Many of the things we did for him from cooking to teaching to celebrating life’s milestones are now being role-reversed with his taking on some of those roles for us. I really like it.

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