Little drops of water…

For the photo challenge from Jenn at Traveling at Wits End: Drops of Water




Inspired by the proverb – A little water is a sea to an ant. (Afghan proverb)

And a tsunami for the spider!

I’m not a professional photographer but just a nature lover, who draws a lot of inspiration from nature around. I value the little pleasures of life…and urge people to do the same. Nature is a great source of inspiration and  a teacher. This little spider and its tiny web has managed to dare the rain and emerge victorious!

One should have high self esteem – never think you are too small or insignificant in society! Each one of us has a role to play in this web of life.

Cheers to life!

4 thoughts on “Little drops of water…

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  1. What an evocative picture. The colours and the clarity of the water make me feel like I can not only see the photo but smell the greenery and feel the cool air. (It’s cool in my mind, anyway :-).

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