My hair turns frizzy, my lens foggy… 

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Fuzzy

At the Niagara Falls, USA

Learnt this the hard way…

After all the excitement at the falls

Trying my best to capture it all!

Back home, a preview revealed –

Fuzzy pictures and potraits

Captured all day….

PS – Tips to deal with foggy lens are welcome! Thankyou 😊💖

Just realised it’s a SWS!


3 thoughts on “ My hair turns frizzy, my lens foggy… 

Add yours

  1. Apart from the fuzz of the waterfall, it looks fine to me. As far as foggy lenses go, it depends on the cause. Was it just the spray? if so, there’s not much to do part from wipe it. You can coat the leans if actually going under water, but that would be extreme for spray. If it’s condensation, due to difference in temperature of say an air-conditioned room and hot outdoors, the only thing you can do is wait for it to clear. Wiping doesn’t help as it just reforms until the lens temperature matches the surroundings.

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    1. Here it is because of fine spray which I could not avoid. But many a times I face the issue of foggy lenses especially when I rush to get some sunrise clicks from the hotel room n end up disappointed as the sun doesn’t wait 😐 As I composed this post, foggy lenses came to my mind- so thought of checking it out as we have many professional photographers here… thanks Debbie! Will have to keep some cushioning time to clear the lenses I guess 😃 thank you 😊


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