Couldn’t resist squares!

Just sharing a random shot – my last on card too!

I’ve been busy and low – off wp too! Many of you know, I moved to Canada a year ago, and have been sailing through the pandemic and lockdown – weired situations to face, when somebody is trying to explore and settle down in the new place! Not something we were prepared for…

Our home lease was coming to an end and we had to find a new place, wading through the new norms and restrictions of the town. The real estate has been behaving crazy since January – the locals can easily relate to this… Finally after about six weeks of house hunting, we finally found ‘our happy place’.

The above stone sign is for our new home – looking forward to happier and brighter times ahead at the new place…

Have a bright and lovely day!

Posted for #BrightSquare

and sorry I squared it for Last on the Card March 2021

17 thoughts on “Couldn’t resist squares!

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  1. Lovely bright square for the challenge and I’m so happy you found something you love. My daughter had to move but she was evicted so it’s been a very stressful time. After losing out on four bids they finally found a place in New Brunswick. It’s a beautiful home but I’m not thrilled that they will be so far from us.

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    1. So glad you liked this! Thank you 😃 The real estate is crazy! I’ve lost count on how many bids we lost… but finally we got a nice place. Glad your daughter has a beautiful home too but sorry that she had to go far…

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