Strangling dogs!!

Cynanchum rossicum or Dog-strangling Vine as it is called, is an invasive species of plant! It is a member of the milkweed family.   Dog-strangling vine prefers open sunny areas, but can grow well in light shade. It grows aggressively up to two metres high by wrapping itself around trees and other plants, or trailing... Continue Reading →

Home Place…

Home Place is comprised of used and discarded hydro poles carved into images of characters and symbols from world mythology and legend. These were, then, installed along the waterfront trail in Pickering, Ontario Canada. Home Place is a coalescence of universal symbols from a variety of times, cultures and beliefs. These symbols are alive but will... Continue Reading →

Yay! It’s a Blue Jay…

    I'm lucky to have these beautiful, blue birds in my backyard. They keep singing almost the whole day, in their not so melodious voice but I'm okay with it. They stealthily come to my patio to feed on the roasted sunflower seeds. Below is one exceptional day when they were literally noisy by... Continue Reading →

I can’t breathe…

It's time to be out in the sun Freakout and have some fun It's time to do it all Before the onset of fall!   Everyone's right to smoke Some use cigars or hookahs Many - vehicles and barbeques... But the earth is not yours to choke!   Everyone has a right to breathe Under... Continue Reading →

An outcast…?

You are not the one to decide! Content, by the pot I found my way out To survive Inspite of being an outcast!   Here I bloom Amidst all the gloom Hey, you were wrong In depriving me of my rights!   Just a random click in my backyard! These flowers caught my eye blossoming... Continue Reading →

Water, water everywhere!

The mind is like water. When it is turbulent, it is difficult to see. When it is calm, everything becomes clearer - Prasad Mahes Stay calm, stay safe! Posted for Water Water Everywhere  

I’m in the right mood now!

Do you like my pretty crest? Good bye for now... I'll be back again to spend more time with you! Until then - Stay safe, stay happy.... Posted for May photo a day challenge - Goodbye May And for  Six Word Saturday  

Untill we meet again…

“There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. -  Mahatma Gandhi.  Stay safe, stay happy! Have a great day... Posted for SUNSHINE’S REFLECTIONS #6

Being vigilant as parents…

is a natural instinct! Let the young ones explore - just being around makes all the difference... Out on a picnic! It's the best time of the year - great to be out with family and nature... Heve a beautiful day! Posted for - May photo a day challenge - young

The woods are lovely dark and deep…

Yes, at the Greenwood Conservation Area, Ajax, Ontario. These bright tulips were waiting to greet us, at the parking lot which was reasonably full - an indication of the existance of other enthusiasts who dared to be out like us as soon as the lockdown norms were relaxed in the city... A tree sculpture called... Continue Reading →

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