Concrete in the way of nature… today’s reality!

October photo a day challenge - Rain Rainy season is that time of the year, which brings all kinds of nostalgic memories, back to our mind and we delve into them, as if it was just yesterday... A friend of mine, posted the above picture recently and it sent me spiraling down the memory lane,... Continue Reading →


October photo a day challenge - Bench Waiting for my master, by the bench... Oh how I hate benches! I have been diagnosed with benchophobia! Dog tales...

Best UV protectant over the ages!

October photo a day challenge: U Three generations in a frame! 'The Umbrella' - a great UV protectant over the ages! Mom n little baby trekking uphill along with granny. On way to 'Tiger's Nest'! Phew! Such a relief…

Just landed – amidst the clouds!

October photo a day challenge:Clouds At Paro airport, Bhutan! It's literally like landing amidst clouds! The most scenic airport I have ever seen! With surrounding peaks as high as 5,500 m (18,000 ft), it is considered one of the world's most challenging airports, and only a select number of pilots are certified to land at the airport. Flights to... Continue Reading →

Nature at it’s best!

October photo a day challenge: Landscape This picture was sent by my daughter, from Ontario, Canada last weekend to update me with the changing weather helps to stay connected across continents! Thought it was an apt picture for today! Stay connected with nature n your loved ones.... Also for “Which Way Challenge: October 11, 2018”

Plant, a plant today…

October photo a day challenge: Macro n micro. Love the contrast of the 'macro' tree and the 'micro' plants around it! Both pretty in their own way! Big or small, each one of them, are equally important in nature. All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful: The... Continue Reading →

Autumn Romance…

October photo a day challenge: Autumn colors Colors at present in Ontario, Canada where my daughter lives... Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower -  Albert Camus There is a part of me that will forever want to be walking under autumn leaves, carrying a briefcase containing the works of Shakespeare... Continue Reading →

Of vineyards n wineries…

October photo a day challenge: Grapes Temecula - The valley of vineyards n wineries... I was at Temecula, California, this summer. This breathtakingly beautiful valley, has never ending stretches of vineyards n wineries. A place worth visiting, when is California. Visited the Ponte Winery.A very beautiful place - sharing some pictures... There's a lot of hard work behind ... Continue Reading →

Hot n spicy – love letters!

October photo a day challenge: Crimson, carmine These great looking 'hot n spicy' chillies  are a local produce of Bhutan.  Clicked this n tasted it during my recent trip there! And here comes the 'love letters'    The good old 'letter box' - this caught my eye at the 'Paro airport' Bhutan. With the invasion of technology,... Continue Reading →

Together for Thanksgiving!

October Photo Challenge – Start with a T Last weekend was 'Thanksgiving' in Canada where my daughter lives. This picture was sent by her ❤ I know there is still some time for thanksgiving in America. But I'm sure that the planning n dreaming process, to be 'together' on 'thanksgiving' with our loved ones must... Continue Reading →

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