A snow bright April morning!

Just wondering if my potted plants will feel bright enough outdoors... Recent snow in the city - early morning. Every season has it's beauty - this probably maybe the last snowfall of the season... Have a lovely weekend! Posted for #BRIGHTSQUARE

Look into my eyes…

I stumbled upon this cuteness down the street yesterday! “The small things of life were often so much bigger than the great things . . . the trivial pleasure like cooking, one's home, little poems especially sad ones, solitary walks, funny things seen and overheard.”- Barbara Pym Enjoy the little pleasures of life! Have a happy... Continue Reading →

Snowflakes Keep Fallin’ On My Head

" Just get as close to the subject as your camera lens allows". - Thanks Cee for mentioning this and making the challenge more user friendly for amateurs like me! Title inspired by - B.J.Thomas - Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head  Raindrops are falling on my headAnd just like the guy whose feet are too... Continue Reading →

No signs of spring!

Photo for the Week – 33 – Spring, #ThursdayTreeLove – 60 and Lens Artists Photo Challenge #39 – Hello April   Don't you think it's very unfair to us To be clad in coats - black n white For most part of the year!   While our folks in other lands Adorn colorful bikinis At this time of... Continue Reading →

Spiky yet pretty!

A pretty one for Becky’s   #SpikySquares - 1   We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.  - Jawaharlal Nehru. Have a beautiful day!

Don’t let others dampen your spirits…

Glowing bright on a frozen morning!  Stand tall and glow bright like the lamp, irrespective of the situations and people around you! Don't let others dampen your spirits... Have a bright n beautiful day! Posted as part of Six Word Saturday And Mono-Monday

There’s always a way out!

FRIENDLY FRIDAY PHOTO CHALLENGE – PATHWAYS There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it! - Rick Riordan. "It doesn't matter how many times you feel trapped. There's always a way out."El Chapo " Be brave! Believe in yourself and find a way out of the difficult situations that come your... Continue Reading →

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