Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn - Ralph Waldo Emerson. Have a blessed day! Posted for Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Fire in the Sky

Spiky around sunset…

Guess sunsets are always magical ... Among all the spikiness, what caught my eye, is the tree on the right, which has spread out in the shape of a heart... don't know if it is my fantasy! So spiky with love for #SpikySquares - 7 Have a great day where ever you are! Be happy, be content...... Continue Reading →

My way or the highway…

Which Way Challenge: November 15, 2018 When the view is so great, just follow your instincts... It's always my way, when I'm behind the wheel! Can you see any other vehicle besides the car??? Happy weekend!  

Romance at sunset…

October Photo a Day Challenge: Starts With O Post inspired by 'The Orange Post' Sunsets are always magical, mystical ... but this one is orange for sure! Sunsets n romance are always synonymous... each day a different hue... n a different story unfolds. Pictures clicked at 'Carlsbad beach'.

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