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Reflections – From my trip to Bhutan – Awesomely Scenic!

Warning : If you only love pictures – ignore what is below!

Last weeks prompt – ‘birthday’ took me on an emotional trip, spiraling down the memory lane… This week’s prompt ‘reflections’ turned out to be even more heavy and has a lot of depth to it. But I have made up mind to tackle it on a lighter note!

About mom and dad… on a lighter note… From a child’s perspective …

Mother – chemical symbol Ma,

Father – chemical symbol Pa;

Ma – great affinity for Pa,

Pa – great bonding with Ma!


Together a great pair,

For sure some electron pair, they do share;

Unlike the lone pair,

Stability by bonding, is what they care!


Ma is highly active,

At times, radioactive I must say;

Pa appears passive,

Usually, inert is his way!


Noble metals excite Ma,

They charge her positively;

All metals excite Pa,

He is charged negatively!


For sure opposites attract,

Other metals have failed to distract;

At half-life they still co-exist,

Corrosion of bonds is what they resist!


Such is their equation,

A well-balanced reaction;

Exothermic in nature – a lot of heat evolved,

Hybridization achieved, new products formed!


These basic elements – Ma and Pa,

Following the octet rule of sharing;

Stability they have achieved,

Our hearts for sure they rule by bonding –

Equilibrium in life, we have achieved,

In trying to be like Ma and Pa!


Life is all about chemistry!  Perfect bonding with one and all – family, friends and colleagues alike, is what matters the most . It’s all about our equation with them and our reaction to the situations we face every day. With some friction and fusion along the way, finally attaining equilibrium, is the goal in any relationship or situation.

Happy bonding!!

P.S. A little knowledge of chemistry will make the above more interesting. Thanks for reading…
Ma and Pa – Great Chemistry!!

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